Living By Design Focuses on topics related to self,
health, and wealth life enhancement and advancement.
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Our Host, Cathy Holloway Hill, is a powerful new voice for strategic Life
Design!  Cathy is founder and CEO of C. Holloway Hill Enterprises, a minority
owned personal and professional development organization specializing in life
skills training, and career/life coaching.  Her company’s mission is to devise
strategies that promote performance excellence and empower others to achieve
their personal and professional best.  Cathy provides her clients with the tools
and knowledge to take action, discover potential, embrace change, and unleash
their brilliance.

In addition to her work as a Career Consultant & Life Coach, Cathy  walked away
from a lucrative technology career, with IBM Corporation, to focus on her life’s
purpose of enhancing and advancing the lives of others. Her professional
experience in the male-dominated technology industry affords her the ability to
speak from the heart on many topics related to career and life success.  She is a
Guest Services Life Coach for the syndicated Jeremy Kyle Talk Show.

Cathy has a B.S. in Computer Science and a Masters in Psychology.  Beginning
her career at IBM Corporation, she has received numerous performance awards
for outstanding leadership and employee development.  

Cathy has been recognized in numerous national publications including Ebony
and Black Enterprise Magazines, and she is a Blog Writer for Inside Indiana
Business with Gerry Dick.  In 2012, Cathy was honored as a recipient of the
Indiana Torchbearer Award from the Indiana Commission for Women and
Governor, Mitch Daniels, which is the highest award a woman can receive in the
State of Indiana.

Allowing others to design her life is what led Cathy to begin a career in
Technology.  While math, science, and technology were strengths for Cathy, it
was not her passion.  After 28 years in a successful career, Cathy voluntarily left
her corporate leadership role to become a leader of millions by Founding C.
Holloway Hill Enterprises.  Cathy's powerful self-discovery and life
transformation helped her to realize that Life Design is an "inside job", and
everyone must discover their passion in order to live a life of purpose and
meaning.  Cathy is committed to ensuring that everyone, who is fortunate
enough to work with her, learns how to use their own journey to enter their
destiny and LIVE BY DESIGN!
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Our Executive Producer, and Show Creator, Tony Lamont, is one of the
nation’s top radio broadcasters with a distinctive voice that is unmatched and
unparalleled and he remains one of the top broadcasting icons in Indianapolis.
His career has spanned decades in the community as morning host for WTLC
105.7 FM and WHHH 96.3 FM. Lamont currently serves as Director of Media for
Clover Lane Media (a Production Company founded by Emmy award winning
Journalist, Andrea Morehead). Tony's expertise and knowledge of the radio
industry is unparalleled, and he has held numerous leadership and managerial
roles including, including Programming Director. Lamont’s talents extend to the
television industry where he’s worked as announcer and host for the longest
state run lottery show “Hoosier Millionaire.” Additionally, Lamont hosts and
produces various sports shows and community affairs programs for both radio
and television. He has a passion for the community and through Tony Lamont
Enterprises speaks to hundreds of thousands of young people, motivating them
to stay drug and alcohol free through organizations including the Marion County
Health Department, Indianapolis Public Schools, and Indy Parks. A few of Lamont’
s career highlights include event hosting and introducing former Presidents
George W. Bush II and Bill Clinton. Lamont has won various awards and honors
for his dedication to the community.